New songs added to heavy rotation! (2020, part 1)

January 23, 2020 | By

WXCI 2020 New Music

A playlist of what songs get added to heavy rotation is available on Spotify here: WXCI New Music Monthly
* updated on the 20th of every month, so save your favorites! *

This is our FIRST monthly post of 2020 to show what new songs we are digging and adding to heavy rotation. Each song has a link where you can listen/watch (if available). Enjoy!

Beach Slang – Kicking Over Bottles
Big Bite – Blue Nine | official video
The Bobby Lees – Radiator [redux] | official video [2018]
Born Ruffians – I Fall in Love Every Night | official video
Clever Girls – Remember Pluto | official video
Close Lobsters – All Compasses Go Wild
Disq – Daily Routine | official video
Dog Party – I Feel Fine
Dogbreth – Me Changing
Dogheart – Slow Approach
Dominic Sen – Leave It
Face to Face – Bill of Goods [live]
Fake Laugh – If You Don’t Wanna Know
FEA – Pelo Suelto
FEET – Ad Blue | official video
Girl Ray – Show Me More | official video
The Great American Novel – Good Bad Company
Gregory Ackerman – Dawg | official video
GRMLN – Looking for a Gold Heart
Grouplove – Deleter | official video
The Menzingers – America (You’re Freaking Me Out) | official video
Mondo Cozmo – Come On | official video
Potty Mouth – Favorite Food
The Right Offs – Blah Blah
Rocketship – Under Streetlights Shadows
Sea Pinks – Yr Horoscope [re-release] | official video [2016]
Shybits – Bruce Lee | official video
Spiral Perm – No Bones
That Dog – Down Without a Fight
The Tissues – Salt Shaker | watch live performance at MoonKILL Radio Studios
THICK – 5 Years Behind | official video
Torres – Gracious Day | watch live Buzzsession performance
Winter – Nothing More
WIVES – Hit Me Up | official video
Wolf Parade – Forest Green | lyric video
zanders – Traces


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