This Week In Releases 5/10/2020 (PUP, Gorillaz, Weezer)

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BADBADNOTGOOD Get Instrumental On "Glide (Goodbye Blue Pt. 2 ...

Here’s some music from the last few weeks to hold you over ’till the next one!

PUP: “Anaphylaxis”

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Another esoteric emo rager from a band known for making esoteric emo ragers, PUP’s new single follows the internal narrative of a person allergic to bees. Not too much else to delve into on this one; if what I’ve described sounds appealing, check it out!



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Departing from their signature progressive-jazz sound, BBNG comes through with a track that runs more as a jazz-tinged singer-songwriter tune. Led vocally by Jonah Yanoh, the song begins primarily with the instrumentation of finger plucked guitar and some chimes, though it builds gradually into some airy sax leads. The single is also accompanied on the B-Side with a song called “Glide”. Both are worth a good listen.


Hinds: “Just Like Kids (Miau)”

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Spanish indie group Hinds comes through here with a very juvenile single (which is to be expected from the title) centered around experiences the members have had of being judged and lectured about being a girl in a foreign band. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics and ditzy production makes the song a genuinely amusing listen.


Superorganism: “Isolation” (John Lennon Cover)

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If you are one of the people who found that video of celebrities singing “Imagine” to be a little bit calloused, then this is the quarantine Lennon cover for you.


Ka: “Solitude of Enoch”

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Ka comes through with a new cut. Intricately abstract production business as usual for the lowkey Brooklyn MC, who once again brings his prophetically poetic chops to another great single off of his recently released new LP.


Gorillaz: “How Far?”

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In line with their recent ‘Song Machine Releases’, this new Gorillaz single gives center stage to its features. Lead vocals courtesy of UK Grime MC Skepta are loaded with characteristically smooth braggadocio, as afro-beat legend Tony Allen provides some ominous sung passages towards the back end and his signature drumming throughout. Williams sadly passed away, so the track was released as a fitting tribute for the renowned musician.


Fontaines DC: “A Hero’s Death”

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The Dublin post-punk outfit shares the title track off their forthcoming LP. The band employs a great deal of repetitive lyricism and linear structure to create an intense crescendo of a punk tune.



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Another release in his series of songs with all caps titles and exclamation points. Rather than a new track entirely. Peggy has seen fit to release a remix of his ‘BALD!’ single, now including a verse from Denzel Curry. Even though Curry fails to meet the criteria of actually being bald, he still elevates the track by accentuating the aggressive lyricism laid down in the original; so he gets a pass.


Ian Isaiah: “N.U.T.S.”

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Linking up with Chromeo on this new single, Isaiah abberates from his usual impressionistic R&B to hit us with a very direct and punchy funk tune. With Chromeo’s help, the track carries a synth-funk swagger that sounds like what would happen if Prince hopped on some Warren G production.


Dirty Projectors: “Lose Your Love”

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A fun indie-pop single with r&b influenced lead vocals, this new Dirty Projectors track is full to the brim with ditzy production aesthetics and laughable sample choices. It’s a lighthearted love song that could undoubtedly soundtrack a drive on a warm sunny day, once the weather clears up.


Jehnny Beth: “Heroine”

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Jenny Beth’s new single is a much more rhythm-heavy take on post punk than much of her Savages work. Beth sings a falsetto chorus about wanting to be her own savior, a regard that is mirrored by the intense progression of the instrumental.


Paul Epworth, Jay Electronica, Lil Silva: “Love Galaxy”

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Although it’s pretty boiler-plate psychedelic pop, this new track from Paul Epworth is a solid addition to the genre. It also features a fairly DOOM-esque Jay Electronica feature on the back end… so that’s something.


Weezer: “Hero”

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Basic Weezer doesn’t mean bad Weezer. Releasing another song this week about being your own hero, this song seems to have a double meaning upon release. With the accompanying video depicting fans in social isolation passing along a message; it seems that the song is also a testament for being there for yourself when nobody else can be, especially in these times when we can’t physically be there for each other.


Magnetic Fields: “I’ve Got a Date With Jesus”

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Off their upcoming record ‘Quickies’, comes an expectedly brief tune about anticipating a date with Jesus. The track is a jangly ethereal piece of indie pop balladry that stands as one of the bands better singles of recent memory.


Single Mothers: “I’m Wrong”

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The Canadian punk rockers have released a reworked version of their 208 album ‘Through A Wall”. The album features this unreleased track, which is a minute long fast-paced ride through various thoughts of having made an error.


Charli XCX: “i finally understand”

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The third (and most likely final) single from Charli’s upcoming record, this track is much more faced paced than the other two; despite exploring some much more sombre themes. In the lyrics, Charli details various aspects of her own depression and how her loved ones are there to support her through tough times.


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