WXCI 40th Anniversary Reunion Weekend!

February 15, 2013 | By

Is this even possible?  40 (yes, FORTY) years of the music that made WXCI famous, flashbacks direct from the DJs who played those songs when THEY were students at WXCI.   Music and conversation (and probably advice, too) from students who paved the way for the WXCI DJs you hear today.

From Friday (2/15) through Sunday (2/17), WXCI has a large lineup of DJs from our long legacy.

Here’s the schedule:

WXCI Radio’s 40th Anniversary Reunion Weekend


3-5pm: Pam Meister

5-7pm: Julie Holm

7-9pm: Ed Struski and Dan Clarke

These shows are replayed between 11pm (Fri) and 7am (Sat)


8-10am: Rob Kennedy

10am-12noon: Michael Wright

12noon-2pm: Greg Higgins

2-4pm: Jeff McKay

4-6pm: Keenan Snell

6-8pm: Ryan Doyon (Best of the Brits)

8-10pm: Jughead (Justin)

10pm-12mid: Rasputin!

These shows are replayed Mid-7am (Sun)


9-11am: Tom Z

11am-1pm: Shagger Dave (aka Dave Leib)

1-3pm: Carol Dorn

3-6pm: John Hancock & Rob Kriauciunas

6-9pm:  BJ Burgess

These shows are replayed 9pm (Sun) to sometime Monday, President’s Day!

Tune in now, quick, before the weekend’s over!

ALL of the WXCI DJs are interested  in your requests, so call them anytime 203-837-9924.

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