WXCI New Music 2016 (not on Spotify)

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The above SoundCloud playlist has the majority of the songs that are not available on Spotify as of 1/31/17. Here’s the full list so you can see all songs not on Spotify, including many not on SoundCloud…

Jen Cloher – Famously Monogamous
Cola – Leech King
Great Thunder & Radiator Hospital – Sleeping House
LASH2000 – Not You
Terrible Roars – June Gloom
SEA AT LAST – Pennies from Heaven [feat. The Bindis]
Tour De France – La Saint Valentin | watch lyric video
Julius Earthling – Mind Grind
Spectral Fangs – Catnip
beNt – Sock Holes
JuliaWhy? – Turntable
The Right-Offs – Yeah Honest
Cate Le Bon – I’m a Dirty Attic
Mountains & Rainbows – Sycamour Tree | N/A — listen to other songs here
Useless Eaters – Relaxing Death | N/A — listen to other songs here
Julius Earthling – Come on Aileen [clean] | EP version [explicit]
beNt – Skeleton Man | official video
The Black Angels – Good Vibrations | stream full Pet Sounds tribute on Stereogum
Shannon & the Clams – I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times | stream full Pet Sounds tribute on Stereogum
Cate Le Bon – We Might Revolve | watch live performance at The Chapel in San Francisco, CA
Purple – Bubble Gum | N/A — listen to other songs on Spotify
Earth Heart – NSA Song | official video [Tiger Fight EP version]
Easy Love – Treat Me Mean | official video [explicit after song]
leamers – (Let’s Just All Act Like It Was) The Last Time
Male Gaze – Ranessa
Bitpart – Tiny Box | watch live performance at Le Picolo in Paris, France
Budris – Tides
Hot Tears – stronger lady
Los VVs – Fancy Car | official video
JuliaWhy? – Bride to Be
Useless Eaters – Electrical Outlet
Whitebelt – Eyes on the Feet
the astounds – cemetery dance off
Cool Ghouls – Here Today
ORB – First and Last Men | official video
The UFO Club – Hang on to Your Ego
a certain smile – Mexican Coke
Cate Le Bon – Crab Day
Earth Heart – Homesick
Nervous Twitch – I’m Sorry That I Made You Cry | lyric video (out of food!)
deM atlaS – Lack the Lad [clean] | album version [explicit]
Nadir – Reasons to Leave
Easy Love – Way to My Heart
Hot Tears – like sand
Los VVs – Wolfgang
Thee Oh Sees – Dead Man’s Gun
Budris – Headlong Drive
Dead Rover – I Don’t Wanna
leamers – Don’t Look Down | official video
Whitebelt – Crave
a certain smile – Leisure Class
Cate Le Bon – I Was Born on the Wrong Day | watch live performance at Mona Bismarck American Center in Paris, France
UV Rays – An Island
Indian Jewelry – Wouldn’t It Be Nice
Night Beats – Sloop John B
Lea – The Lorax
DARK MTNS – Way Home
Future Biff – Fresher Faces
skatebored – cowboy
Earth Heart – Burn
Nervous Twitch – I’m an Idiot Babe
deM atlaS – R U Happy [clean] | album version [explicit]
The Memories – Sunshine on Your Shoulders | N/A — listen to other songs here
HODAD – Vera <3
Budris – Hollow Bridges
leamers – Hideout
a certain smile – Morning Sun
Cate Le Bon – Wonderful | official video | listen on Spotify
The Shivas – I’m Waiting for the Day
UV Rays – Solid Gold
Dead Trains – Going Down to the River
Lanikai – Believe Me
Giant Burger – Flute on a Clamp | N/A — listen to other songs here
Purling Hiss – Follow You Around | N/A — listen to other songs here
The Wolfhounds – The Comedians | N/A — listen to other songs here
Hotel Del Salto – Bigger Than Elvis
Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel – Ending
Smokey Joe & the Kid – Six Feet Below [feat. Pigeon John]
Budris – Right to Fright
leamers – Getting Older
UV Rays – Battery
Giant Burger – Amazon | N/A — listen to Giant Burger Forever single here
Purling Hiss – Ostinato Musik | N/A — listen to other songs here and here
The Wolfhounds – Oppositeland | N/A — listen to other songs here
Artefact – Morrigan
Rank Xerox – Zero Hour
Thee Oh Sees – At the End, on the Stairs
Tobin Sprout – Future Boy Today/Man of Tomorrow
Slow Worries – hide out
Static Me – the golden guts | official video
Witch Hair – Halo
Eerie Summer – тогда было все по-другому (then it was all on – to another)
Adwaith – Pwysau
Suggested Friends – Chicken
Ty Segall – Orange Color Queen
Year of Birds – Western Splits (After Lear)
Giant Burger – Tono Tono | official video
Purling Hiss – Pulsations | | N/A — listen to other songs here and here
The How – Father Christmas
Jen Myffy and Stew – Hey! It’s Christmas!
Kids on a Crime Spree – The Saddest Time of the Year
Nervous Twitch – You Ruined Christmas
Sprout – Let It Snow
The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die – Body Without Organs


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