New songs added to heavy rotation! (2020, part 3)

March 21, 2020 | By

WXCI 2020 New Music

A playlist of what songs get added to heavy rotation is available on Spotify here: WXCI New Music Monthly
* updated on the 20th of every month, so save your favorites! *

This is our THIRD monthly post of 2020 to show what new songs we are digging and adding to heavy rotation. Each song has a link where you can listen/watch (if available). Enjoy!

Archers of Loaf – Raleigh Days
The Aubreys – Getting Better (otherwise) | official video
Bloodweiser – Wine | official video
Bloodwitch – Fly
Built to Spill – Life in Vain
Cable Ties – Sandcastles | official video
Dogbreth – Payless
Egyptian Blue – Never | watch live performance at the Portland Arms in Cambridge, UK
Esmé Patterson – Sleeping Around | watch live performance at the Underground Music Showcase in Denver, CO
fawning – Hair Down
The Great American Novel – Bleak Strategies
Greg Dulli – Pantomima | official video
Helenor – Wasteful
Hey Cowboy – Cherry Jerry Citrus
Kynnet – Tavoittamattomiin | official video
Lost Boy ? – Ted Talks [clean] | single version [explicit]
Lost Film – Enough
Moist Boy – I Quit | unofficial video
No Age – Turned to String
Notches – Funny How
OHMME – At Night
Older Brother – I’m Your Man
Peel Dream Magazine – Pill | official video
Pet Fox – I Don’t Mind
Plains – Jazz Cabbage | official video
QWAM – Buy a Toy | lyric video
Sea Pinks – Bioluminescence
Shybits – Skin Floats | official video
Slam Dunk – In Hell
Suggested Friends – G.N.A
Vundabar – Montage Music | lyric video
The Whiffs – Shakin All Over
Whim – Somebody Else’s Tongue
Winter – I Feel


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