New songs added to our music library! (2019, part 11)

November 22, 2019 | By


A playlist of what songs get added to heavy rotation is available on Spotify here: WXCI New Music Monthly
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This is our ELEVENTH monthly post of 2019 to show what new songs we are digging and adding to heavy rotation. Each song has a link where you can listen/watch (if available). Enjoy!

A Giant Dog – Intervention
Being Dead – Hot Car [full version]
Boyracer – Laissez Faire
Caribou – Home
Ceremony – Further I Was
Dead Soft – Step Out | official video
Disheveled Cuss – Wanna Be My Friend
The Dodos – The Surface
Dogbreth – Need More Time
False Heads – Fall Around
French Vanilla – Real or Not | official video
Girl Ray – Girl | official video
Go Hawaii – Blac Slant
The Hempsteadys – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
The Hussy – Cornflakes | official video [explicit]
Leggy – Taffy
Mail the Horse – Gimme Gimme
Mick Trouble – Getting Even Without Feathers
MOURN – William
Museum Mouth – End of Days Reprise
Neutrals – Angst Reflex
The Ocean Party – How’s It Looking
Papur Wal – When He’s Gone
Prettiest Eyes – La Maldad
Richard Shirk – The Goal Keeps Moving | official video
ROOKIE – Head Over Heels
Say Sue Me – Good People
Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Back in the Corner
Screaming Females – Take It Back
The Shivas – Sometimes II
Sleepless Nights – La Molue [Eric Surette cover]
Sløtface – S.U.C.C.E.S.S.
Teebs – Studie (feat. Panda Bear)
Versus – University
Westkust – Do You Feel It
WIVES – The 20 Teens | official video


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