New songs added to our music library! 9/14/16 – 9/20/16

September 21, 2016 | By


This is our TWENTY-EIGHTH weekly post to show what new songs we are digging and adding to our music library. Each song has a link where you can listen/watch (if available). Enjoy!

Everyone Is Dirty – Banana Split
Franky Flowers – Corpse | official video
Grouplove – Cannonball [clean] | album version [explicit]
HODAD – Vera <3
Horses Heaven – Before the Breakdown
PARTYBABY – Don’t Say It | official video
Pixies – Tenement Song | official video
Ratboys – Light Pollution
StarBenders – Powder | official video
Wilco – Locator

The Age of LUNA – Freddie [clean] | album version [explicit]
Aquaserge – Les Zouzes | official video
BROOKZILL! – Saudade Songbook (feat. Count Bass D)
Crying – Wool in the Wash
EFG – Lies
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – Gone
Katie Burden – Run for Your Life
The Moondoggies – Oh Now Honey
The Pooches – Another Evening, Another Town
Psychic Twin – The Deepest Part | official video

Are there new songs that you think are a good fit? Cool! Email your suggestions to wxcisongs [at] gmail [dot] com.


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